I like to write when I can, but I work slowly. That’s why I concentrate on short stories. Perhaps I’m just lazy and ill-disciplined!

Apart from the short pieces here, I’ve also got a longer story on Literally Stories.There’s a lot of high quality work on that site, so it’s well worth visiting.

‘Early Harvest 1914’ first appeared on Spelk Fiction, and ‘Anastasia’ had its first outing on PenThere.

Mrs Simkin’s Power, a collection of my short stories, is available at the Kindle Store.

As an experiment, I’ve written a rhyming narrative poem. You can read about that process at my older blog here.

My Author Page at Amazon is here.

If you’re on Twitter, you can connect with me at: @vixmiff


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Fab meeting you and it’s great to share enjoyment of Flash Fiction. I don’t tweet, so cannot follow you there but I shall be back and will have a good look round. Have a fab weekend and carry on Flashing! 🙂


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